today was a good day

September 24, 2010

dear jude,

yesterday was a day just like any other, like 385 others, and here's what we did.

you woke up when the alarm when off, like you always do, even though i know you can't hear it from your room.  you have an internal clock like i've never encountered before, down to the minute.  i scooped you up and brought you back to our room for breakfast and you ate while dad showered.  when you were full you pushed back and sat straight up.  when the tummy is full it's time to go and you pop up ready to party.  i dropped you off in your boucearound so we could all get ready and you spent that time screaming DO-GA GA GA GA in bang's face.  because you love her.

downstairs it was your turn, and i changed your pants and got you in a clean shirt and shorts, despite your screaming and attempts to escape.  you hate changing time, though i'm not really sure why, i try to make it fun and fast.  weirdo.  i deposited you in your high chair where you sit each morning and watch us pack the bags and make the lunches.  my bag, dad's bag, your bag.  and then off we went, out the door and into your seat and down the road to start our day.

i dropped you off with your babysitter and you smiled your biggest smile.  it makes me happy that you're so happy to spend your day somewhere fun.

after an eternity of emails and snacks and naps and papers we were reunited once again.  dad walked up to get you and i met you guys there with the car.  the daily report was this:  good day, good naps, went outside, and ate everything in sight like crazy.  that's pretty much the standard scoop.

you were quiet in the car on the way home, looking out the window and watching the cars pass by unlike some days when you spend the entire trip shouting.

back home again you went into your seat for snack time.  you know the drill and you get very insistent that snacks must be doled out immediately.  the treat of the day was annie's cheddar bunnies, which i buy only for you because they are so fancy, but which both dad and i take huge handfuls of when we think the other isn't looking.

you're still working on the whole crackers thing, since you only have two teeth, so you required closer-than-normal supervision from dad while i ran around picking up, unpacking bags, letting the dogs out, and pumping.  in fact, mid-pump you had a rogue bunny go down sideways and you were pretty pissed about it.  that was definitely the end of snack time.

dad took you into the living room to play while i washed bottles, but like you do everyday, you just stood at the gate and screamed until i came back.  come on, man, really?!

we spent the rest of the evening playing in the living room, rolling cars around and cooking fake meals and banging on the table.  i made the mistake of picking up my phone to check twitter and you screamed and screamed because you think the phone is an automatic yo gabba gabba youtube machine.  i try to always keep it put away because post-snack is our together time but yesterday was not my best moment and i paid for it with the yowling for toooooons, TOOOOOOOOONS.

just after seven you came over to me for your dinner-nurse and climbed up into my lap.  the evening time feedings are stressful for me right now because you are very active and try to climb all around while eating, putting your fingers in my mouth, and simultaneously kicking me in the armpit and crying.  i try to be patient but i had to have dad take you for a few seconds so i could regroup.  eventually i just gave in and let you pop on and off as you wanted and you were much happier with this sort of snack-on snack-off thing, though it bothers me to sit around topless while you bebop around.  also, please stop putting your toes in my armpits.  thanks for your cooperation in advance.

after dinner you mostly played on the couch with us.  the couch is a very novel place to play these days and you feel very grown up when you get to crawl around up there.  you like to grab all the pillows and throw them around and try to attack the lamp which gets you in big trouble, but very fun trouble.  cuddles were had, upside-down laughs were laughed, and you carried around your (current) most beloved possession- your wooden piece of shrimp.  you're getting very good and turning around and sliding feet-first down off the couch which amazes me daily because, hey, i taught you that!

finally, time for bed.  a kiss from me, a book from dad, and off to sleep.

i saw you again in a few hours for your nightcap nurse and you rubbed you eyes and rolled over and went to sleep.

i cooked breakfast with no hog and there was no barking from the dogs.
i gotta say, it was a good day. 

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