joy in the mundane

October 27, 2010

when jon was sick jude and i were playing on the floor, tossing blocks and banging pots and you know, all those things toddlbies do, like pulling everything down onto the floor.  all of a sudden, jude crept in close– he crept in with his face just inches from my face... and just... waited there...

finally, i figured out that he wanted a kiss.

a kiss! he wanted a kiss!  oh, the sweetness!  oh, my heart!

now he'll lean in all creepy-miss-bang style and wait for a kiss.  and even better, he pretend kisses his toy, the mini-dog.  he'll lean in close and pretend to kiss mini-dog and then laugh and laugh, oh you, you funny mini-dog!  and he'll come up to me and hold up his arms to sit in my lap.  just sit.  just sit and be.

sometimes there's just no way to explain how exciting the little things can be.  the first time your baby wants a kiss, gives a kiss, tries to brush his hair, mimics stepping on a bug, tries to put on his dad's sock.  i've never found waving all that thrilling before but last week, when i got my first night-night bedtime wave, you're bet your hot-ass-pants it was exciting.  it was just about the best thing that happened all week.  now jude's a waving fool, waving hello, waving goodbye, waving at ladders, waving at bang, and you know what?  i'm still excited.  it can WAVE! it can communicate!

oh the little things we take for granted as big boring adults, and ones that probably aren't all that exciting to people outside the circle of the jude.

i first discovered mini-dog in the pocket of an old coat.  i had gotten it for jon, as a christmas joke.  here's your very own tiny pocket puppy, and look, it comes with a sweater!  we stuffed his black $1 self away in a corner and forgot about it.  when i reached in that pocked and pulled him out i figured hey, at least the jude can play with him now.  and when jude awoke from his nap i made the little dog hop all around the couch, hop hop hop, bark bark! hop hop hop and jude laughed and crowed with delight and claimed him as his own, his mini-dog.

and then he took mini-dog and made it walk all along the couch and floor.  arf arf arf!

a little thing, but so much more, to pretend, to play.  we've had a lot of those fun breakthroughs this week; learning, playing, mimicking.  just when i worry that he isn't picking something up BAM! his stubborn ass proves me wrong.  he understands more than i think he does.  i tend to underestimate that little brain because he doesn't say much.

i originally wrote this post as a list of #CuteToddlbyTricks, but it came off so lame.  • tries to brush hair.  • cleans self with wipe.  • tries to put on socks.  it just doesn't capture that magic that spark of the first time they do something.  you can see it in his eyes, the synapses firing and problem solving and there's just nothing like it, like crack cocaine, to watch them learn and puzzle and play.

i keep thinking this whole mama thing can't get any better, any more fun.  and then it does.  after the storm of irrational toddlby fury passes it always look more clear, more beautiful.

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