my arms, my heart

October 3, 2010


the first months of his life we carried the jude in slings and wraps and carriers, close to our hearts and up in our arms.  a year later we continue to do so almost daily.  it's been one of my most pleasant parenting experiences– and not just because it's comforting to be close together.  it's simple, it's easy, it's convenient, and to me it is love.

jude gets his first egg

when we're out and about people often notice our carriers and jude's happy attitude and comment about it.  they ask us questions and i love to spread the good word about our perspective.  however, more often than not lately those questions are from people asking, "is that safe?!"

Future Scooterists of Ohio

because of recent recalls on poorly made pseudo-carriers babywearing has had a touch of bad press.  we're here to say you cannot recall my arms: babywearing is safe.  i feel strongly about being a good ambassador for babywearing because it has truly been a blessing for our family and here in the midwest it's not as common as you might think; car-seats still rule the roost with the vast majority of parents.

From the BCIA:  "Truly, babywearing does not require special skill. There is no "if done properly." We are working to ensure that babies are kept safe all the time, and babies in slings are safe. They are in the safest space besides a mother's (parent's) arms.


That said, we will continue to educate the public about best practice -- correct positioning, and also keeping the baby's face visible to mother or caregiver in the first three months of life."


get a sling, wrap, mai tei, or carrier and use it! 
use it safely, use it properly, use it daily.
i hope it brings your family as much joy as it's brought to us.


i encourage you to participate in steph at adventures in babywearing's call to action posting photos and reflections on babywearing with your family this week, and to visit the babycarrier industry alliance facebook page.

update:  the Consumer Product Safety Commission is attempting to push through a huge recall on several large-name baby carriers.  "Company was told by the CPSC to issue a recall of every product back more than ten years, and to discontinue sales, while admitting that there is no product flaw."  from"The CPSC has overstepped their bounds, and are bullying small, family businesses who make safe products.  This is only the beginning, according to the CPSC’s own words they want to eradicate the whole class of product!"

parents, it has never been more important that we share our babywearing experiences.  spread the message: babywearing is safe.
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