past our due date

October 1, 2010

9 months ago, jon and i set out on an epic challenge, the movie closet challenge, to be precise.  no, it wasn't a challenge to see who can eat the most donuts in a year, though i'm TOTALLY winning that one.  {for those of you who weren't here 9 months ago or don't remember... we have a very magical closet full of movies that we've collected over the years.  we had our television disconnected and we're watching every movie, in alphabetical movie by genre.  we began last february.}  well, here we are.  if the MCC was a baby i would be hoping to give birth to a mass of confused actors any day now, but it's not, so i won't.  instead, i'm hoping to give birth to my donut baby, with a side of coffee.  maybe it's twins!

i had originally estimated our completion date to be... september 17th.
guess what! it's fucking october!  and here's where we are:


so... looks like we'll be at it for a few more... months?  months.
imagine, this could drag out over a complete year.

(you know, after looking at that picture, those totally aren't in the final order we're using now.  plus over the past nine months we've added more than 32 movies.  do you need a new picture?  yes/no?  the where we are isn't even particularly accurate because of that.)

–ok, i counted.  we have 100+ movies still to go.

at this point the MCC has become a way of life.  no arguing about what to watch, what's on tonight– just pop in the next movie.  or don't, and have some quiet time.  the most surprising thing about this has been how much i don't miss the television.  it was quite shocking at first and i was in serious withdrawal.  there are a few shows we still keep up with but we just watch them online.  we recently got an antenna so that jon can watch football and every time it's on i beg him to turn it off, it hurts my brain.  it seems so noisy.  and full of commercials.  i really hate it.  as a former emphatic tv-lover this is a strange turn of events.

last night we finished up love actually, the final movie in the romance section, which comprises all of five movies.  ...yeah, we're not so big on the romance around here.  so tonight we debut the very anticipated comedy section, beginning with airplane!  i'm psyched about the comedies, though i think it may be our largest section of all (disregarding the james bonds).

i haven't updated you in a while on our progress so... thoughts... thoughts...  watching christmas movies out of season feels strange, it removes their warm-fuzzy-wintery charm.  life or something like it is terrible.  we need to own far more westerns because they set my heart on fire.  there's just nothing i love more than an epic story, preferably with gun violence and gritty cowboy dialog.  we recently watched tombstone, which may be my favorite movie.  ever.  there's nothing like it, it makes my blood turn into lava and i want to run around shouting ridiculous things like, "you tell 'em the law's coming! you tell 'em i'm coming, and hell's coming with me!"  oh, the pure unashamed badassery.  on the horizon is the other movie fighting for number one status in my heart– clue.  tim curry's finest moment.  i'm waiting with bated breath in a state of suspenseful anticipation.  i'm sure you are too.

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