take up the gauntlet

October 28, 2010

hello friends,

november is fast approaching and with it comes something special...

it's nablopomo time!  last year i participated in nablopomo (national blog posting month) and challenged myself to post something every day during the month of november.  not only did i meet my goal (hell yeah!) but by joining the community at nablopomo.com and officially signing up for the challenge i won a prize!  they gift donated prizes at random to participants who succeed in completing all 30 days.

post something every day for a month.  that's all you do.

this year i'd like to challenge anyone who is willing to participate with me!  it's a great way to get in the habit of writing daily.  while i can't promise that writing every day will make you write better, i guarantee it will make writing easier.  heard the adage sleep begets sleep?  writing begets writing.  just do it, get it out there, get in the routine of making your brain put words on the screen.

for those not participating, this just means that you will be able to stop by here daily and see something new.  even on the weekends, when i never ever ever ever blog.  sweet treat for you!  but i can't promise it won't just be pictures, ok?

visit the nablopomo website to learn more. if you're interested you just add yourself to the blogroll around the first of the month and get going.  they provide badges, widgets, etc.

i love you dearly,
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