thirteen point five

October 15, 2010

dear jude,

you were sleepy this morning when i woke you up to get dressed and you rubbed your eyes fiercely.  i put you in shorts even though it's cold outside, because you love to take off your pants and throw them at every possible opportunity.  we are all forever finding you in places without your pants on.  at least the shorts stay put.


the night before last you fell asleep during your evening nurse, sprawled across my lap with your legs dangling off your much-too-small boppy.  i watched your face drift off to sleep and your eyelashes flutter down to touch your cheeks and i held my breath.  it already feels like it's been ages since the last time you fell asleep pressed against me and it brought back memories from months ago that feel like decades.  we left you there for a few minutes so i could get in a good cuddle and then dad carefully cradled you up to bed.  you didn't even wake up.


you refuse to walk, to even take a step.  it drives me mad because when no one is looking you'll take a step here or there without even noticing.  you can do it, you just won't be rushed or helped.  you have to do it in your own way and when you damn well please.

you're in the middle of a comprehension explosion, which is very fun.  last week i asked you to show me the dog in your book and you pointed and put your finger on him and said, "GA, GA!"  you're obsessed with dogs.  you follow bang around the room and give her toys.  you pat her back and lay on top of her.  ...and sometimes hit her in the face with your block.  take that!  of course i stop you, because that isn't nice, but i also laugh because she threw up on the carpet three times this week.


we were dropping dad off at work one morning and he said bye to you, like it does every day, and shut the door.  and though you refuse to wave (ever) you shouted out, "DA-DA!"  score one for dad.  finally.

last night you were flipping through the pages of the very busy boring spider by yourself and got to the dog page and shouted out, "GA! GA!"  obsessed, i'm telling you.  obsessed.  remember that one time when i worried that you wouldn't like dogs?  i'm not worried anymore.  i think you like them even more than i do, and that's a lot.


you eat everything in sight like a crazy person.  a crazy short round person.

dad gave you a donut hole last weekend.  i let him, because i'm a bad person and it was adorable.

you have three teeth now.  two on the bottom and one crazy snaggle tooth waaaaaay off on the top-side.  i like to call you snaggle-mouth, especially when you laugh a lot, which is often, because you are happy and life is good.


you and dad ate popcorn and watched football.  everything is just as it should be.

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