the cutest infestation ever

November 3, 2010

we spent last weekend traveling.  a few months ago jon threw out there that he and a friend from work would like to go to the rally for sanity in dc, and i agreed, and turned to twitter to troll out a place for us to stay.  well guess whose favorite baltimorian let us stay at her house?  the whisker biscuit and her little dude the wiz.  the men-folk were excited about the rally– i was excited about the friends.


nine hours in the car with a toddlby is a loooong time, guys. a long time.

a lot of miles later in the middle of the night we pulled in to the casa de biz and attempted to get some rest to prepare for the rally the great meeting of tiny awesome minds...

meeting of the great minds

and so it begins.

the next day biz dropped us off at the train station and we began the long trek down to dc. we were geared up with the camera, the jude, the diaper bag, snacks, and two different carriers for babywearing. it was go time.

we took the light rail into the main station in downtown baltimore and quickly discovered that a) all the trains to dc were full.  i mean crazy motherfucking packed full.  b) they weren't running any extra commuter trains to compensate for the huge amounts of people and c) the guy at the window was a dick.

waiting for the train

waiting at the train station, yo

they found us tickets on the train down an hour later but couldn't get us a train back until after 6:30 pm. at this point i was having a complete meltdown, because we had no idea what we were doing and it was really unclear what was going on. one thing, however, was certain– i was not prepared with enough gear for the jude to last until 7 or 8 at night, and especially not running on zero naps. jon and i quickly deliberated and decided that i should take the train back with the jude and the two guys could head on to dc without us.

so, while the they were doing this:

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 1

look what happens when jude and i aren't there to supervise.
a purple wizard photo-bomb.

Picture 4

oh dear.

jude and i were doing this:




two dudes, one tunnel

little dudes

first time facing forward. how you feel about THAT, the jude?!
...and then back to backwards, because, you know, i'm the safety police.

we had a great time. we ate nachos, drank beer, ate brownies, watched movies, went for a drive, had naps, and romped around playing with trucks.

and that was just what the doctor ordered.

the next morning the group of us headed out to grab some breakfast at a local diner filled with hipsters before we began the interminable drive back and i was struck by how fast everything had gone.

little dudes


you know those people you meet who become instant friends, and you can go forever (or never) without seeing them and it just feels just as right when you get together– and then your heart breaks a little when you have to leave them, but you know it's just a matter of time before you're together again so you're sad but can't be that sad?

yeah... that.

so, in conclusion, jon went to the rally and i did not.  instead i watched stinky little people take naps in beds shaped like cars. but jon came back amazed by all the people, people of all different ages and races and beliefs from all across the country– the very polite people who stood for moderation together for a few hours all in one place.  and without getting political, not acting crazy and learning to spell is an idea i can get behind.


it did foil my ingenious plan to run away with my tv boyfriend, jon stewart, though.
boo, hiss.
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