far away

November 30, 2010

dear jude,

i look down at your face and i watch you, watching the world.  sometimes i think about the friends you'll have.  what will they be like?  will they come over so i can fix them snacks?  i think about what will you like to learn about in school.  will you like art?  math?  science?  (science!)  when do we get to spend afternoons on the rug in the sun playing with legos?  what will you be like in high school?  moody?  funny?  will we be far apart?  we will have enough food to feed your ridiculous teenage appetite?  will i drive you to field trips?  will you ride bikes to the udf with your pals?  will you need a glass of water in the middle of the night in your big-boy bed?

but sometimes, every so often, i wonder if in twenty years we will be able to sit down and have a beer and tell dirty jokes together.  because i love you and all i want to do together is laugh.

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