get your hands off my happycake oven

November 19, 2010

last week after work jon and jude and i were sitting in the front room chatting up one of our friends who had stopped by for a few minutes.  we adultez talked as the jude stumbled around the room playing with toys.  he found his little plastic panda bear and held it up for me.


um, hello, what?
your panda, he's your baby?  and eeeeeeerp– suddenly you can say BABY?

clearly i only had once choice: the jude needed his own baby-doll so that i could hear him say BAYBEE more.  oh those toddlbies, always tricking me into doing crafts.

i'd like to introduce you all to... french baby.


hello french baby, nice to meet you!


what's that you say?
oh pooo? the sea has enveloped you like a mother's womb? hoh-hoh-hooh?


you're lucky jude likes you, because jon likes to call you scary french baby.


if only i had some fabric to make you a striped french shirt and jaunty red scarf.
you're going to have to settle for those Haute couture star pants for now.


what? you'd like me to come closer so you can tell me a secret?


french baby! how lewd! what a thing to say to a lady!


yeah, yeah, laugh it up.




oh come on. mature, reeeeal mature.

(of course i gave french baby a butt. butts are hilarious! especially to little boys.)


keep your crazy eye to yourself, creeper.
what kind of baby has a mustache, anyway?


a french one.   duh.


beware the button eyes.
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