giving up and giving in

November 13, 2010

i'm really into taking pictures with my phone.  i love my nice camera, it's my heart and soul, but it just isn't practical to have it with me every second of the day.  (or maybe it is, maybe i need to work on getting it out more and carrying it around)  but, as it stands i like for ms fancy-pants to live in her little protective bag, safey-safe.  cuz i luh you so hard, camera, i do, and i don't want anything to happen to you.


so, back to my phone.  that, unfortunately, is always in my hand.  and said phone has a camera, and i snappy-snap away with it.  and i download program after program to edit and tweak and fanci-fy the results.  it's a little bit addictive, pressing the buttons and making pretty pictures to later do nothing with.


while the truth is that i probably should always be shooting with my nikon, there's something to be learned from the phone camera.  something about living in the moment.  i'm learning to embrace capturing things right then– not the perfect shot, or the professional shot, but the one that happened.

and then having fun applying effects to it, for that is one of the most fun parts.  is it cheesey?  dated?  over the top?  it's ok.  it's a freaking phone photo, not high art.  it can be just good enough.  it can just... be what it is.

embracing imperfection: i'm working on it.

because life isn't really like living in a catalog, is it?

forgive me my tacky forays into phone-photography, friends,
as i learn to forgive myself.  i try to keep them secret, but then sometimes...
i kind of like what happened.  they have their own charming character, you know?
not the shiny crisp i would normally go for but a little variety never hurt anybody's day.
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