i can haz iphone apps

November 21, 2010

i mentioned last weekend in the throws of extended-breastfeeding-gate that i've been taking a lot more photos with my iphone and messing with them in apps all over the place like it's my job.  and miss jill asked if i would share some of the apps i've been using.  and, since it's nablopomo, the theme of the month is why the hell not?!

at the moment i happen to have eight (yes, eight) different photo-related apps loaded.  probably a little overboard, but the vast majority of them are free and it's fun to use them in random combination to get the best effects.

i'll share my favorites with you below!  get ready, app store!

photoshop expressAdobe Photoshop Express
price:  free, baby!  find it here

photoshop is my go-to photo editing software on a computer, but on an iphone it's not all that.  it's... ok.  it has some GREAT options (rotate photos, change exposure, even correct crooked photos!) but the "fun" effects have a very poor effect on the image quality.  it's a workhorse for cropping and framing, and i used it often at first to add borders, but the more i use these other apps... i'm really not very happy with the quality it produces.

features: take a picture now, choose from album, save to your image roll, undo button, rotate/crop/correct, change color saturation

price:  free, baby!  find it here

i love this.  you have the option to either take a photo right then or select one you took earlier and then i drops it into an enhanced "polaroid" style frame.  the quality is excellent but the downside is that there aren't any options– you're stuck with the one thing that it does.

features: take a picture now, choose from album, save to your image roll, high quality results

price:  free, baby!  find it here
i'm not sure how much this counts as an "editing" app but it's a quick way to transfer my phone photos to the computer, especially since i already use flickr to hold most of my photos.  i upload them to flickr in batches.  (flickr web membership is required, but also free)  once you're in flickr on a computer you have access to more editing options through picnik.

features:  transfers photos to the web for easy use later, editing options via web

morebeaute appMore Beaute
price:  free, baby!  find it here

alright now this one i just have around for shits and giggles and because it's free.  when you take portraits of faces you can adjust the brightness and the blur to give yourself lovely looking skin.  not particularly all that practical, but what the hell.

i don't use it often and i have had trouble with it crashing.  but for free?  whatevs.

features:  choose from album, save to your image roll, improve skin appearance

price:  free, baby!  find it here

ooohh, instagram.  it's a winner.  they make you create a login but it is free.  you choose or take photos and then it gives you eleven (!!) awesome quality filters to use.  you can share your results with friends in the instagram community or send them straight to twitter/flickr/facebook.  unlike polarize you have control over the cropping of the photo when you create your new design.  not every photo is a winner, but it's a great tool.

features: take a picture now, choose from album, save to your image roll, high quality results, multiple filters, quick sharing options

tiltshiftgen appTiltShift Generator
price:  $.99  (there's also a more limited free version)
find it here

i actually heard about this over on dooce and despite having to pay for the full version i gave it a shot.  as usual, dooce is not a liar.  it produces AWESOME quality results.  by using a blur effect you can distort the perspective in your photos to make them more dynamic.  it also has options for saturation, brightness, contrast, and edge vignetting.  the results can be pretty impressive like whoa.  the saturation and exposure tools do a better job than those offered through photoshop express because the image quality doesn't seem to suffer.  bam!

features: take a picture now, choose from album, save to your image roll, high quality results, unique editing options

price:  $1.99  find it here

since i have an older 3G model iphone i am unable to take video... except with this app now i can.  it's not great quality video but if you're just worried about catching a milestone on the go or video taping hobos dancing?  it works just fine.  for those with older iphones, it's a good compromise.

features:  take video with your 2G & 3G iphone!  quality is bleh, but works fine.

price:  $1.99  find it here

i know hipstamatic is all the rage these days, but i don't have it. you know why? it costs $2 plus MORE to buy each faux "lens" kit to get the different effects. call me a tightwad, but no. just... no. plus i'm over how trendy it is. i feel the need to mention it here because it's very popular for photo editing but otherwise it wouldn't make it on my list.  consider this a pity vote.
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