nice to meet you

November 15, 2010

well holy hell guys, i feel that this needs to be done.

welcome new readers!

i've been hit with an incredible influx of new faces thanks to friday's extended breastfeeding myths post.  i'm excited, and floored, and well, a little unprepared.  if i had known you were coming i wouldn't have scheduled crap nablopomo posts the past three days.  or baked cookies.  or at least brushed my hair and changed out of my sweatpants.

i've had more views on that one post as of this morning than i had in my first entire year of blogging.  no joke.

so hello new faces, it's so nice to see you here.  my name is jamie, or just the grumbles.  you can learn more about me on the about me page.  fancy that.  we have one son, the jude, who is now 14 months old. 

i write about a wide range of topics, from pumping to parenting; from my daily life to just plain weird stuff.  and i take the pictures, oh, i take the pictures.  if you're more interested in the parenting part, check out the posts on the sidebar under informativish, or under popular posts.  several of you who subscribed have already unsubscribed, probably because i am a) crazy and b) use the potty words.  and if you're wondering why i don't capitalize anything you can find out on the faq.

i like to try to get to know my readers, so if you have a blog or are on twitter, give me a shout!  i always follow back and try to keep up.  or, you can just email me.  i'm at your disposal.  i imagine things will calm back down to normal here shortly, but if a few of you decide to stay and hang around, let me know and we'll make ourselves best friends.

with love,
the grumbles
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