pumpease review and giveaway

November 9, 2010

mei-tai front carry positiona few weeks ago i tracked down the lovely wendy, inventor of the pumpease hands-free pumping bra.  while i don't normally do the whole review thing i had seen their hilarious and adorable ads on a few other blogger's sites and i was just itching to get my hands on one and see if we could do some work together.  because pumping?  yeah, i know alllll about pumping.  (re: one year! at work!)  and while i'm cutting down on my sessions i'm still using my pump several times a day.  so, pumpease was kind enough to supply me with their newest bra, the super-soft organic version, to do some hands on off testing.


if you've pumped or know the details of how pumping works you pretty much know that you have to hold the plastic parts onto your breasts with both hands at all times.  sometimes, quite firmly for 20-30 minutes at a time.  tired arms, oh the tired arms.  over the past year i've gotten adept enough to hold both on with one arm pressed across so i can use my phone with the other hand but you still can't quite escape that feeling of... trapped.  you're trapped!  tied to this machine!  you can do nothing else!


and herein lies the genius of the pumpease.  you just strap it on with a hook and loop closure (like a bra), slide in your flanges and BAM! go about your business.  you have two free hands.  type a letter.  make some notes.  edit some papers.  or, if you're me, use twitter on your phone while simultaneously eating oreo cakesters (i have high priorities, ok?).

_DSC5224 copy

when i first received it my main concern was would it be able to hold the flanges on tightly enough?  i had chosen my size based on their sizing chart (small) but when i got it i put it on the tightest tightest setting.  immediately i had trouble getting things flowing.  after a few trial-and-error tests i found that it does not need to squeeze the life out of you to hold them on there.  really.  just fit it at a comfortable level and let things do their work– i promise, they will stay on there by themselves.  when i was putting it on so tight it was actually hindering the process.  user error, i haz it.  durrrr.


i've been putting the pumpease through rigorous testing and i've been very pleased with its performance.  the organic is very soft and plush feeling, which i love, and the hook and loop band offers a wide range of closures so you can really get a custom sizing fit, beyond choosing your initial size (and yes, they make them for larger-busted ladies as well).

let me tell you this– after an entire year of holding those damned things on myself every day, i wish i had bought this in the beginning.  i can't tell you how much i wish i had bought this in the beginning.  it's handy at the office, frees you up when you're pumping at home, and certainly would have come in handy while pumping in the bathroom stall of LAX, or driving in the car a few weeks ago.  (yes, i had to pump while driving.  that was a fun adventure i forgot to tell you about.  i can guarantee you that i would have much rather used my pumpease than what i DID use, which was a car telephone charger tied around my chest covered with my cardigan.  me, FTW!  just call me boobsguiver.)


using my pumpease.  yeah, that just happened on the internet.
it's so hands-free you can even take photos of yourself pumping.
...though i don't know why you would ever want to do that.

in addition to the pumpease organic bra, it came with a fridge magnet listing expressed-milk storage guidelines and a hilarious do-not-disturb doorhanger for my office.  if i had an office.  which i don't.

the pumpease gets my official stamp of approval, no joke.  it's good stuff.  i'd highly recommend it for you, the pumping mom in your life, or a pregnant mama who may be looking to pump in the future.

pumpease has offered to giveaway one pumpease organic pumping bra to a lucky reader, as well as your own storage guidelines magnet and do-not-disturb-the-pumping-mom doorhanger.

here's what you need to do to enter:

leave a comment here and tell me your most embarrassing pumping moment (i've told you mine)
OR, what you would do with your pumpease organic (use at the office, give to a friend in need, put on your dog).

get an additional entry for doing any of these:

• visit the pumpease website and leave me a comment here with your favorite pumpease product.  personally, i'm a big fan of the red polkadots.  sassy!

• tweet about this giveaway to you friends!  be sure to link to this post and use @thegrumbles so i see your tweet.

• promote the giveaway to your facebook friends!  leave me a separate comment here saying that you did.

the winner will be chosen using random.org next friday, november 19th, at noon EST.

{as a side note, you can also follow pumpease on twitter and become a fan on facebook.  i enjoy their facebook page, they're always doing fun discussions on breastfeeding/pumping and i comment there frequently}

notice of disclosure:  i did this review in partnership with pumpease.  they sent me a sample for testing at my request.  the opinions above are mine and mine alone and i'm only telling you about it because i really, really liked it.  swearsies.  no funny stuff.  i do not accept payment for product reviews because that's just how i roll.
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