November 25, 2010

last year i was thankful for this (well, i still am).  this year, i'm thankful for oreo cakesters*.

dear oreo cakesters,

more than a year ago jon and a friend told me of your glory.  however i had never been a {huge} oreo cookie fan so i blew them off.  little did i know you bear small resemblance to your namesake.  you're a different animal entirely.  they tried and tried to get me to taste your deliciously horrible sugarness but i resisted.  temptation was conquered– crisis averted.

...until a few weeks ago, when i picked up a package of you on a whim.  oh, the unholy love of cakesters.  how can you taste so good?!  how?!  i howl it at the sky at night, night after night, WHY ARE YOU SO TASTY, CAKESTERS?! WHY MUST I ALWAYS WANT MORE OF YOU?


i curse the day i heard your name.

you've caused me to do something i thought would never happen– owe a formal apology to donuts, for you have ousted them in my heart.  the creamy hand of ye olde cakester doth sit around my heart.

you're a horrible snackamockery and yet, i love you so.
i suppose i'm thankful that you happened, even though you're probably made of poison.

happy thanksgiving, oreo cakesters.  i'm sort of glad i met you.  kinda.  not really.

the grumbles
your #1 fanz!@#!!!

ps dear readers, do not google oreo cakesters in image search with the safe search turned off.  at your office.  don't ask why, just... trust me, it's a bad idea.

*i'm also thankful for my friends family and health, and my awesome blog, and all that crap.  and YOU.  fo shizzly dizzles.
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