to toddlby or not to toddlby

November 11, 2010

the jude is now cruising around on his own two feet at a frightening speed.  he runs to the corner, he turns, he claps for himself, he runs back.  as he gets tired very quickly he still often looks a bit like a little drunken sailor tottering around, but there's no denying it– it walks.

when we picked him up from the babysitters yesterday she told jon she heard him use some new words, words he had never used before.  and jon said his mind immediately jumped to poor wee little the jude stumbling around muttering curse words in an angry stupor.  but it was nothing nearly so sinister.  another little dude had taken the toy he was playing with and he loudly declared, "no no no! mine mine mine! no mine no mine!" in a desperate plea for backup.  i like the new words thing, even when it's no no no mine mine mine.  the cuteness.

later that evening he stood at his play table cleaning it with a spare wipe he had found.  scrub scrub clean clean wipe wipe.  and he dropped it on the ground.  "ohhhhh nooooooooo...." in the tiniest cutest voice you can imagine.  and the rest of the evening everything was ohhhh nooooooo!

i think my toddlby might be outgrowing his "-by."  when are they officially toddlers?  walking?  check.  talking?  semi-check.  crazy irrational wants and desires leading to screaming?  check.  adorable antics?  check.

you guys, i think i have a toddler.  hold me.
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