as easy as awesome potatoes

December 2, 2010

awesome tatoes

as i alluded to yesterday, monday night we made an experimental potato creation which was inspired by san's recipe over at the in between is mine.  our version was probably not the most awesome potatoes you've ever had, but you those kitchen-sink recipes where if you have a few key ingredients you can throw any old crap in from the fridge and it tastes pretty damn good?  yep, it's one of those.  easy?  check.  flexible on the ingredients?  check.  i like to make fancier recipies on occasion but every night for dinner can't be fancy town, so easy and flexible is good.

starting with the crap-from-the-fridge theme, i had a reeeaally old pie crust in there and i flattened it into the bottom of my 9 x 13 pan.  why the hell not?  the crust was a wild hair, but if you're a carb-loader like i am you can't have too many bread-products.  first layer: pie crust.  second layer: sliced potatoes.  nothing fancy, just sliced some potatoes up and lined the bottom, slightly overlapping each slice.  third layer: broccoli! and ham slices!  this is one of the many areas where you can get creative.  you can do meat / no meat, and use any old veggies you have laying around.  i bought the broccoli specifically for this though, because broccoli and potatoes are connected in my heart.

fourth layer: grated cheese!  fifth layer: another line of potatoes! and then a sprinkle of more broccoli, more cheese, salt, pepper... and pour in cream/milk.  we used about 70% cream 30% skim milk, but i honestly think that in a pinch you could just use plain ol' milk and it would work fine.  it lubricates the guts with deliciousness, you see.  for the melty-potato goodness.

next time i think i might use one potato, one sweet potato, and a squash or two instead of using all potatoes.  cheese and veggies cover up all manner of sins, so why not throw some more nutritious stuff in there?  that was part of what i liked so much about it– meh, whatever you have, chuck it in and bake it with cheese.  nom.  jude was especially fond of the broccoli.

awesome tatoes GET CLOSER

easy as awesome potatoes

4 potatoes
1 bunch broccoli
2 packets of sliced lunchmeat (if you eat the meats)
1 small block of cheese (we used mozzarella)
2 teaspoons salt (eyeball it)
1 teaspoon black pepper (whatever looks good)
2 cups of cream (or substitute milk)
1 pie crust (optional)

1.  butter your casserole pan.  i'm not even sure this was necessary, but i like to do it, so i did
2.  press in crust (if you're adding the crust-bottom, totally optional!)
3.  slice up two of your potatoes in little even slices and lay them across the bottom of the pan
4.  dice up broccoli or other veggies.  sprinkle half over the potatoes.
5.  lay in your meat slices (if you're meaty) i actually loved the meat-parts most, and it was amazing to me that it was just carl budding chopped up ham slices.
6.  spread on half your grated mozzarella (i also sprinkled on some crappy parmesan)
7.  slice up your other two potatoes and lay down a second potato layer
8.  sprinkle on the other half of your veggies and the other half of your cheese
9.  salt and pepper surface as desired
10.  pour the cream/milk over top of the concoction, shaking the pan to help the liquid settle into all the little nooks and crannies
11.  bake at 400° until potatoes are tender (test by stabbing repeatedly with a fork, when they feel tasty, they ARE tasty.)  you may need to cover the surface with foil halfway through so the top doesn't get too dark, just keep an eye on it. ours cooked for at least an hour, maybe a little longer, so plan ahead for a longer cooking time.
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