christmas morn'

December 28, 2010

can we all agree that the week between christmas and new years is a waste of time?  because not only do i have to go back to work and crunch under the crushing weight of deadlines (ahhhhhhh!) and everyone else is on vacation, but my brain is also still in holiday mode.  sugar cookies are eating me from the inside out– i gots a brain full of holes.

so maybe i'll post pictures all week.
agreed?  agreed.

so, pictures.  let's get to the pictures.

imagine you wake up on one chilly day like any other and come down to the living room and for some reason there is the AWESOMEST NEW TOY there and you get to PLAY WITH IT whenever you want!  booyah!

opening the CARS!!


wrapping paper

and then you go take a nap, because helloooo, that was exhausting!

....and when you wake up and there's MORE AWESOME TOYS in the living room, what the heck!?  and you get to play with those too!


thumb + car

what's IN there?!

ohhhh, letters! saweet


tent igloo fort + tunnel = awesomeness

in the tent!!!

i think i like christmas with a toddler, we got to do the new present! reveal several times and he only got a whopping four presents.  not only was it fun for us, it kept him from being overwhelmed and kept the fun going all day long.  i'll enjoy savory christmas while i can, soon enough we'll have every present box of legos opened before 7am.  in the mean time jon and i got to lounge around in our pjs drinking eggnog coffee and eating treats.

oh, the treatsjust wait until i show you the treats.
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