man overboard

December 30, 2010

we made um... a LOT of treats to get us through the holidays.  somehow it seemed like it would feel more like christmas (even though it was just the three five of us) if i filled the house with baking.  so i had a wild fun baking frenzy.

let's start with the sugar cookies, because i'm eating one of them right now.

tiny sugar cookies

sugar cookies

powdered sugar fail

i had such a consistent fail while pouring the powdered sugar that
i just had to document it for you.  oops.


i think cream cheese icing may be my favorite icing of all.

cookies, i will eat you all.

holy improvised two-tier cookie display, batman!


the dip.
dip i could eat by the gallons.
jude ate out all the tomatoes, green peppers, and green onions.
veggie hound.

scotch treats and toffee

butterscotch treats and toffee

scotch treats

scotch treats are jon's favorite.  favorite favorite.

christmas eve multi cheese platter of deliciousness

a platter of tasty cheese products for christmas eve? why yes, thank you.

oreo truffles

i traded some of these oreo truffles (recipe courtesy of wendy)...

whoopie pies

for some of our friend's whoopie pies.
they're like fancy-town oreo cakesters, so of course i love them.


and speaking of treat-trades, did you know that when you stay home for christmas your neighbors bring you all manner of tasty goodies? i had no idea that was a thing!
i approve.

making cheese puffs

i made experimental goat cheese and brie puffs.
look, there's my face!  i'm like a domesticated little dutch girl.
or some crap.

with a paint brush

jon always teases me for using a $40 paint brush to do my egg whites.
whatever, i just like my food high quality, ok sir?

lil puffs of cheese

cheese puffs

i dug the little puffs, especially the goat cheese ones.  they didn't disappoint.

christmas morning sausage eggs

egg and sausage souffle on christmas morning.  tradition, of course.

eggnog poundcake

and the most amazing pretty eggnog poundcake (recipe from kelly!)


i'm tired just looking at it. and i didn't even show you the church window cookies i keep forgetting about in the freezer, or the pork roast we didn't even make because we were so full of snacks, or the cinnamon rolls we had christmas morning (which you've already seen extensive photos of).

now the question is what do i DO with all this crap?  besides take photos of it, i mean.  i've found that i strangely enjoy food photography.  it's very challenging, not only because the light in our kitchen is a bit odd but also because there's a fine line between boring photos of food and photos of food that actually make it look tasty delicious.  iz hard, it is.  what will i do with these millions of photos of food?  nothing, people, nothing.  just like all the other photos i take.

shhhhhhhhh, don't speak.
you're upsetting the COOOOOKIES.
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