December 3, 2010


since his birth the jude has been ever the chill baby. chill, relaxed, whatever you want to call it– except when it comes to one thing: THE FOODS. if food is involved suddenly it's like battling a screaming wolverine. MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE YELLING AND YELLING AND MORE MORE MORE.

i made the mistake of saying the word "snack" in front of him yesterday and paid for it by having a howler monkey stuck to my pant leg.  and with the screaming prior to every nurse, you would think we were murdering him when really he's just pissed that i haven't taken my shirt off fast enough.

kid likes to eat.


now this isn't exactly a complaint, (especially parents of picky eaters, i am not complaining!) because a picky eater is {right now} the exact opposite of what we have. knock on wood. cross your tenders. for the time being, he will eat ANYTHING, ravenously, and scream for MORE– except strawberry-banana yogurt.

he crushed a full plate of thanksgiving everything and then did the same the next day with leftovers.  i am aware that the world of toddlerhood can make this amazing eating talent disappear with the snap of its horrible fingers.  don't look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.


generally we'll let him eat as much as he says he wants. even when he's had a banana and eggs and toast and half a bagel. i try to trust that he's following his body's signals and if he says he's hungry, who am i to tell him he's not? i hope to teach him to trust his body, not follow the clean-your-plate rule.

even so, on days like this one i do wonder:

all before 4pm.  then he went home and nursed twice and had dinner.

i'm sorry, this? this is insane. what am i going to do when he's a teenager, readers?! he is going to eat us out of house and home just like his uncle! we're dooomed, dooomed!


but he's so happy and short and round! and learning to use a fork!

while i am not complaining about our possibly temporary glorious food situation, i do take exception to the insistent food-screaming. CA-CAW! FOOD RAPTOR! i promise i will not starve you child, more food is coming. you don't have to yell at me in between every single bite.  really.  and lord help you if it hasn't already been cut up or if it's hot and he sees it waiting there.  HURRY, YOU ARE ENRAGING THE STARVING BEAST.

(actually, knock on wood a million times again, the past few days he has seemed better.  it's been a mo-mo-mo muttering instead of an insane staccato.  maybe this will stick around?  maybe?!  at the very least, we know the buddha's secret weakness:  apple bars.)


give me more macaroni. or i will stab you.
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