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December 9, 2010

a few things i haven't addressed recently that probably need updates:

oh movie closet challenge...
(don't know what this is? find out here.)
we've fallen into a movie closet challenge rut, hard.  we kept up with watching 5+ movies a week until about week 38.  week. fucking. 38.  it is now week 43.  week. fucking. 43.  43 weeks.  FOURTY-THREE WEEKS.  in my wildest estimations i had not imagined this to drag out quite this long.  we're having a tough go of it all of a sudden where we've both lost our drive to finish this monstrosity in any kind of timely fashion.

we're in the heart of the comedy section (letter M, to be precise) and recently completed all the movies in the mel brooks box set.  which really, they are all quite good.  i'm not sure what we're dragging our heels about.  high anxiety, blazing saddles, young frankenstein, men in tights, silent movie– all delightful!  our next little run of movies includes some that i'm super excited to watch, like office space and role models, so hopefully that will help propel us back on to the right track, or at least some semblance of forward motion.

as we inch closer and closer to week 52 i wonder... what happens when we finish?  if we own an entire year plus worth of movies, do we just start over at the beginning?  while some of the charm has worn off and there are certainly movies i would not want to watch again, there is a pleasant rhythm to knowing what you're going to watch next.  no fighting, no debating, there it is.  however that's also what gets us in trouble– if the next movie is terrible we'll put off watching it for days and days.  within the movie closet challenge lies a double edged sword.

(i was going to post a picture of our progress since october 1st, but since my last update we have made pitifully embarrassing progress.  too pitiful for me to show you or admit to myself.  so you shut it.)

we must press on.

oh pumping at work...
as i believe i last left you, i've been cutting down my sessions at work with the goal of no longer pumping at the office after new years.  i dropped to two sessions a day for more than a month until i finally gathered up the hot balls to drop to only one.  i've been doing one session at lunch for a few weeks now.  nursing at home has seemed to continue unaffected, which is a huge relief.  what's surprised me is that i'm bringing home the same amount of milk with one session a day as i was with two.  what the hey?!  i'm not going to ask questions, just go with it!  whatever!

the drop to no sessions has some concerns though.  right now jude takes the milk from the one session and drinks it during the day.  if i stop pumping he won't have that milk– so what do we replace it with.  water?  cow milk?  i've been gradually reducing the amount i send with him so it won't be such a shock to go from 8 ounces to ZERO.  i suppose i'm leaning most towards milk in a cup/sippy as his next option so we can phase out the bottles at the same time but ?? i don't have a lot of strong feelings about it.

things have gone well so far.  the sky is not falling.  woot.

as some of you are probably aware i used to pump in the bathroom.  for the past few months i have been able to snag a now-empty office with a CHAIR and an OUTLET.  it's AMAZING.  come to find out this week that my lovely office retreat will soon be occupied, probably right around the same time i was going to cut out my lunch session.  so there'll be no going back.  done is done.  i'm still looking forward to it, truly, i'm just intimidated by the initial transition.  some days i'm ready, some days i'm so content, with the way things run.

and that's the word.
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