NO MO blo po

December 1, 2010

victory, thy sweet taste is mine.

another nablopomo passes us by with winter close on her heels.

i feel like nablopomo reminds me of an important fact about blogging: not all the posts are going to be the best posts.  blogging is so transient, you do it day in and day out.  it makes sense that not every single shot is going to be pure genius.  sometimes it's just a moment captured in time, a few thoughts here and there, a photo of the day, or two, and that's ok.  those things are just as important to record as life-changing multi-paragraph tomes of knowledge.

(i have to tell myself that to justify boring you sometimes, dearest readers.  i can't always be teh awesome, ok?!  every day?!  it's a lot of pressure.  cut a girl some slack.)

and i still like oreo cakesters.  so really, it's all good.  life is good.

we baked a delicious experimental potato dish the other night, and i think i will tell you about it...

... tomorrow.  for today i'm going to go drink yesterday's coffee and look at the teeny-tiny dusting of snow.

with all my love to you and the warmz and the fuzzlies,
(because you lift me up when i am down),

the grumblies
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