December 7, 2010

a few weeks ago i mused to myself (and you), when he no longer a toddlby?  do i now truly have a toddler?  and i hemmed and hawed, because really what's the difference in a name, besides a spare 'b' and an extra 'y'... how different can it be?

that was when the universe decided to run up and smack me in the face with a bucket of day old ham traps.  oh, hi jamie!  you thought you had a toddler before?  oh i'll SHOW you a motherfucking toddler.  BAM.

and there he was.


it seems like the growing and the learning comes in spurts.  three weeks– nothing.  next week– five new words!  two new skills!  the age of the toddler is upon us.  in the past week there's just no other word for it that could possibly do.  he flits into the kitchen and steals spices from my cupboard.  he helps put the plates away, closes the cabinet, and claps.  he shakes his head definitively no, he would not like more applesauce.  mostly though, he screams angry squeeling toddler screams when his will is thwarted (which is often).  there's nothing quite like the rage of a toddler to convince you that you have... well... a toddler.

something just seems different.  growing comprehension, maybe?  growing communication skills?  more trustworthy exploration?  i can't put my finger on it, exactly, but it feels different.  it feels toddler. it's good, i dig it.


a large part of this realization came about because of bang.  oh, bang, our bad special little dog.  you may be wondering how she plays a role in this– it's because she's an ANNOYING DOG, and i often feel compelled to tell her what a bad dog she is after she vomits into our shoes and eats the plastic off the back of the remote.  for example, i was sitting on the floor playing with her with one of her tug toys.  she got confused halfway through (funfetti, meet braincake) and i told her, "get the toy bang! get your toy! get your toy, bang!"  she looked at the toy.  she looked at the floor.  she looked at the wall.  then she jumped directly into my face with her mouth open.  NO, BANG.  NO.

and thus, over the weekend, we observed the jude march right up to bang, his bestest friend, and yell, NO! and hit her right in the face.  yep, that's a toddler alright.

(we're taking strong steps to cut this behavior off at the pass before it becomes an annoying hitting thing, have no worries.  hands are not for hitting.)

discipline?  a hitting phase?

yep, that's a toddler alright.

here we go.
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