public privates

December 10, 2010

a few weeks ago i started doing something new.

jon asked, why would you take pictures of yourself in the office bathroom?

but i think a better question is, why wouldn't you take pictures of yourself in the office bathroom?

all we need now is to con some hipster in the neighborhood into putting these into a gallery for a show.  i would call it "public privates: ambiguously personal" or "intimately irrelevant" or "hauntingly personal portraits" or "PICTURES I TOOK ON THE CRAPPER, BUT NOT WHILE CRAPPING, BECAUSE THAT WOULD REALLY TAKE THINGS TOO FAR."  personally, i'm voting for the last one.  it would be all the rage at the salon.

i know, i know.  i'm the ansel adams of corporate bathrooms.

i do genuinely like them though.  there's an odd sort of appeal to phone photography going on right now.  photographers select old model beat up cameras specifically for the hazy fuzzy nonsense it gives a picture and i don't see how this is any different.  hazy weird photos of a new digital age.  print them frame them and call it art.  or something.

do you want me to go on?  because i can.

oh art school, there's nothing more you taught me than how to spin some bullshit.

{random note:  a few days ago i updated jude's birth story.  there were a lot of details that got left out in the original and some sections that were pretty vague.  i went in and added as much detail as i could remember before it all flies out of my head forever.  if you're looking to kill some time, it's the jude's new and slightly improved birth story}
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