January 10, 2011

i am the girl who doesn't replace the toilet paper roll.

i let the jude do some light reading in the living room last night- buffy mcnuderson.

i wanted to take photos this weekend but got distracted by playing red dead revolver undead nightmare.  zombies take precedence over all else.

ghosts of toddlers past
this makes me smile. he's fast like lightning.

when i get home the pants come off and the pajama bottoms go on.

there's a mouse in my house, AGAIN, and he ate my gummi bears.

we went on a date on saturday (a DATE!) and true grit was incredible.  in-fucking-credible.

elephant dog
elephant dog is an elephant.

i snore sometimes, and i'll never live down the shame.

there are blogs i don't like.  i would never tell anyone, but... i just try not to go to them.  shhhhhh, secrets.

i'm not always the best commenter, but i'm out here, reading.  cross my heart.

the blur? that's a faceplant. BAHAHAHA.

since this post is already as random as can be i thought i would publicly announce something that's already going on– i'm on a mission to reply to all your comments in 2011.  you send me personal messages, why shouldn't you get one back?!  you're important to me.  i don't know how long it will last but here we go.

sometimes i feel nerdy when i reach out to someone new.  especially someone i perceive to be hot shit.  but we're all just people, and why the hell shouldn't we be friends?

do you ever feel self conscious about how much you care about people on the internet?  you people, my friends, especially the twitter... i don't know you, but i care about you, i do.  i want to send each of you one of those BFF heart necklaces.  i'll be the be fri you be the st ends.

apparently i have a lot of feelings about friends.  i had no idea!  the things you learn when you have nothing in particular planned to blog about.  stream of brain.  guess that means i'm thinking about you.
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