a bad case of deja view

February 18, 2011

As promised we have been cracking away on the Movie Closet Challenge. We rounded out the comedy section last week and we're now in the final home stretch– "family" films. The family/kids shelf is a mixed bag, ranging from good stuff (Finding Nemo) to GREAT stuff (original Clash of the Titans) to terrible horrible stuff (Care Bears original episodes, Miffy). However while some of these aren't fabulously entertaining we can at least watch with Jude in the room without worrying about his future sanity. (Personally I prefer to think of it as his future awesome-crazy, I guess it depends on your perspective. You mean Deadwood isn't ideal programming for toddlers? I'm shocked, shocked and dismayed.)

As we've been trucking along on this neverending nearly-ending journey we've discovered a remarkable phenomenon I have henceforth coined as the "deja view." We'll be watching a movie when all of a sudden one of us will shout out "Hey, wasn't he/she in the LAST movie we watched??" By chance or fate or design of the movie gods we've had 20+ instances of deja view, without intention movies we've watched back to back contain member(s) of the same cast.

(For clarity, movies are arrange by genre and alphabetical order. Sequels don't count as deja view, because obviously they would contain members of similar casts, and it only counts if it's directly following/preceding.)

Normally I would chalk this up to random chance but the frequency with which we've noticed it is really getting out of hand. Here are just a few examples:
Fran Drescher (This is Spinal Tap followed by UHF)
Johnny Depp (Sweeney Todd followed by Sleepy Hollow)
Chevy Chase (Caddyshack followed by Christmas Vacation)
Jack Black (School of Rock followed by Shallow Hal)
Gary Cole (Office Space followed by Pineapple Express)
Seth Rogan (Superbad followed by Step Brothers)
Brian Cox (Troy followed by Xmen 2)
Bill Murray (Ghostbusters followed by Groundhog Day)
Antonio Banderas (the Mask of Zorro followed by Once Upon a Time in Mexico)
Ken Jeong (Role Models followed by Pineapple Express)
and how could we forget Hot Air Balloons as a starring feature in both the Care Bears followed by the Great Chipmunk Adventure

–And these are just the ones we remembered off the cuff in the last ten minutes. This web of lies seems to cover every orifice of the closet from major cast to minor players. What does this mean? Conspiracy? Destiny? Fate? A relatively small pool of actors sharing one great big movie world? Our own draw towards movies of a similar make and caliber?

No. That is too obviously rational an explanation. It is aliens communicating to us in code, norsemen sending us messages from the past via Valhalla viking ship, a conspiracy by those damned communist liberals. Nicholas Cage has to figure out the code in the nick of time to save us all from a mysterious force! Assemble the letters from each actor's first name to discover the secret acronym! Factor Justly Captain Jean-Luc's Grand Season Before Breaking Any Kitty Hearts? Fearless Jumpers Catapult Javelins Grating on Secret Beagles Bagel Arrival via Kayak Caravan? –All I know is that it's creepy and it's starting to freak me out.

And for your Friday enjoyment, our next feature film:
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