for shame

February 3, 2011

dear readers,

one year and two days ago i announced our intent to watch every movie we own, in order, as part of the movie closet challenge. one year. one. fucking. year.

the past few weeks (ok, months) we've slowed to a standstill and have pretty much stopped making progress on the giant checklist from hell. the original intent of the challenge was to watch the movies we own and remember why we like them! and USE them so they aren't just sitting there unloved! along the way we discovered movies that we liked more than we remembered, hated more than we cared to admit, would watch every day, or would never watch again (i'm looking at YOU, mulholland drive). we canceled our cable and off we went. for the better part of 10 months we hung in there with it really solidly and then BAM– we lost momentum. in part i would like to place the blame on slapshot 2, a movie SO BAD that we are willing to stop watching all movies just to avoid it.

every day when i pop over here to proof/post the post of the day i look at that MCC banner over in my sidebar and feel our lack of progress mocking me. i hate looking at it. i hate never changing it. i hate knowing YOU'RE looking at it, watching it never change. fuck you little badge, fuck you! you don't tell ME what to do! quit giving me the shame eyes of disapproval!

the two sections we have left to complete are comedy (letters s-z) and kids/cartoons and frankly i'm ready to go home and call it a wash. it pains me to give in but i'm also not getting anything remotely positive out of it right now. not only am i not enjoying it but it isn't bringing any love to any of you (since i rarely write about it) so... unless jon has some crazy desire to keep going and can inspire me... i'm out. i've been feeling glum and that stupid banner over there is cursing me with failure. i can't take anymore failure, not one more speck. i can't stand looking at it and knowing it's one more thing i haven't been able to do.

i think... i quit.
like whoa.

i'm telling you this because i know that you care deeply about what i watch on my yelevision. or at least i pretend you do in my head.

with all my love,
the grumbles

(feel free to weigh in regarding if you are on team continue vs. team not continue, as several of you already have. other options include relaxing the rules so that we don't actually have to watch slapshot 2.)
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