little people

February 7, 2011


jude's on the high point of a brain explosion. every few weeks or so he suddenly walks up and has a crazy plethora of new words and skills, out of nowhere. one day: nothing! the next day: cup cup cup! puppy! door! shoes! kiss! eat! nose! eye! kitty! ball! rat!

so we had one of those weekends, the kind where he is amazing us with all his developing understanding and independence. it makes the repetition worthwhile when you see it finally click. he signed "eat" on saturday and said, "Eee-Eee!" and then walked into the kitchen to get a snack and stood there waiting for me to follow him. when he didn't want anymore veggies he signed "cracker" over and over until i fetched him one, out of pure cuteness. he carried his puppy down from bed and said, "puhPEE? kih. kih." and gave it a kiss. he goes to the table when it's time for snack and waits to sit down. he takes off his coat when we come inside. smarts.

man i love this part of things, the reading and learning and teaching and growing. it's rewarding, but that word doesn't seem to cover the real feeling of it. it's a rush of love and pride and determination and YESH. it's good stuff, stuff that keeps me going.

little persons, growing big.

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