the metal will live on

February 4, 2011

dear readers (round two),

alright, alright. i've heard from quite a few of you regarding yesterday's movie closet announcement and jon and i went home and had a long hard look at it, which is to say that we discussed it for all of six minutes. this is what we came up with:

you're right. we are SO close. i had lost sight of all the progress we've made. i think, given the circumstances, that if we get back to taking this seriously we CAN finish (and not be depressed).

here's where we are currently:

movie closet progress update

i did some maths:
out of approximately 286+ total movies we have less than 58 remaining
that's 20%– one fifth left to go
however in screen time hours we only have 8% remaining

okay. eight percent. we can do this. we can make this happen.

it wasn't so much the challenge that was getting me down as much as it was the lack of progress on the challenge (including that stupid list over there) so, without futher ado...

we're back in the game.
thanks for the encouragement.
let's wipe the slate clean and start fresh with a good attitude.
here we go!

tonight, we watch slapshot.
forgive me if i put on slapshot 2 while i'm cleaning or sleeping, and then throw it away forever, amen.

hearts barts farts,
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