things forgotten

February 21, 2011

i keep a secret list of blog topics i'd like to write for days like today when i'm low on inspiration and high on coffee and drowsy eyeballs. then i forget it exists and don't look at it again for 6 months or a year. when i take a new look at it with fresh eyes most of the subjects i had eventually covered in one way or another, either directly or indirectly, and some of them don't matter anymore. sometimes i just can't remember what the hell i was even going to say.

secret topics in my drafts bin that i'll probably never finish:

in defense of attachment parenting / the middle path– i have no idea what this is referring to. vague much? what exactly was i going to defend it from? and why do we care?

baby sign language– oh wait, we did that one. finally.

why natural parenting– this seems exactly like the first one. curious.

foods are fucked up– i guess, what the hell does that even mean?!

little people, big world, kids and respect– kids. treat them like adults. don't be an asshole. the end.

spectator sport– moms. we're all mean to each other. lots of people will give you crap advice you don't want. the end.

old camera– oh yeah, i had forgotten about this. i still have my old camera, an Olympus c 50-50 zoom (and also a nice new barely used Olympus point and shoot). you want it? i'll sell it to you. it takes pictures like this.

new kitchen tour– we remodeled our kitchen when i was 6 months pregnant. i never took photos of the finished project. i'm not sure anyone even remembers that so we'll call it even.

jude's room tour– yep, also never did a nursery tour. too busy using it for teh babeh.

nico update– my dog, it's sick. but still alive. yay.

working mom (thoughts on daycare)– i have no idea where this was going. but Awesome Babysitter? yeah, she's awesome.

in defense of families, kids and respect and american attitude– seems like a copycat of above idea about kids being people. also, boring.

red rover– i wrote a whole post about women and their periods, and how we should embrace our womanhood, and then... never got my period and thus never published it. yes, still. it's been 28 months.

recent google search terms that make me laugh:

grumbles the movie 3
well, i don't have my own movie, let alone a trilogy. and i certainly wouldn't name it that.

is eating hot cheetos bad if you breastfeed?
i suppose not? depends on your baby's tolerance for spicy.

what you could do with an extra pair of arms?
a lot, i imagine.

woohoo milk
me too! woohoooo milk!

outlets in airport bathroom to pump
oh person, i'm sad for you. been there done that, get yourself a battery pack.

does joshua gates always wear a scarf?
yes. dirty traveling hipster.

attachment parenting is bullshit
boy are you in the wrong place

pet hoarders cats mr. jingles video
nope, none of that here.

the life of a rodeo clown is a painful and solitary existence
so true. wisdom for the ages.

james bond movie where the bad guy base is underwater
you mean all of them?

what are kitchen countertop bolts called?
i would suggest "countertop bolts." this is not my area of expertise

christopher lee
while i find him amazing, i hold zero authority on the life and times of christopher lee

i don't own socks
me either.

acrobatic lessons
no comment.

does your mom take photographs of you?
well, at least i know where this one came from

grumbles and grunts cakesters
oh internet, you know me so well
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