weekend stories

February 2, 2011

bad funny hair day

tiny blogger

the littlest future blogger
(maybe he can grow up to be the next sartorialist)

It's 10:14, do you know where your toddler is?

sleeping late on a saturday

...but dreaming of escape

watching the big kids at the rink

watching the big kids play hockey, yelling at the refs.
go go go go!

afternoon at the hockey rink

...and maybe thinking about doing it himself



now THIS is my kind of party- cinnamon rolls and drinks.

the best kinds of parties...

I knitted @ordermeanother this beard cover...

are the ones where they teach you to knit a beard cover!

Dog at costco wearing red shoes. #WTF

a dog wearing red pleather tap shoes at costco...

is so totally hilarious, dudes.

i'm learning to knit!
why? i don't know. what will i knit? i don't know.
maybe i can make you all presents! scarves gloves blankets?
or maybe i should figure out what the hell i'm doing first,
since i don't really know.

then again, i never really know what i'm doing
and it all seems to turn out ok.
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