fishy fishy

March 30, 2011

We (and by we I mean regular us plus the two of them) trucked the two little guys off to the aquarium for the afternoon on Saturday, or the FUH-quarium, if you prefer, but that's only funny until someone small starts repeating it. My bad. They were entranced by all the magical swimming creatures and kept on running from tank to tank even as we passed their naptime limit. There was no time for napping, there were fish to be seen!

(And a bird. There was a bird. OF COURSE there was a bird. And that one bird? Best thing Jude saw all day. A BUUUUUU!)

two dudes one jellyfish

two boys, one jellyfish.






did you see that?!


jude and the reef fish

lights parts

ray overlook

W and the big fish

big fish, little Dubs.


there's birds in there, dude. artic puffins!

eye rubbin

all these fish are exhausting...

freaking out

...but too exciting to stop the crazy.

shark tank

double grouper

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