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March 10, 2011

I've been threatening for a while to get my best girl Biz into the hot seat to do an interview about her new etsy shop Velveteen. She blogs over at Whisker Biscuit and is tough-as-nails single mom to her wee toddler the Wiz. I'm so damned proud of the girl for getting her shop off the ground and I love her like I love double-stuff cakesters on a bright sunny day, I do. We've teamed up to bring you a special Interview with the Shopkeep (and an exclusive store coupon at the bottom). Ready? Ready. Let the crazy begin.

she will probably hate that i'm posting this, but she looks beautiful!
suck it, FRIEND. that's what a good friend i am.

Tell my readers the 5 most important things about you:
5.  I am vigilantly faithful. to friends, family, LOVAHS, etc. I'm like a junkyard dog mang.
4.  I hate snakes, and just told my boyfriend (who is so awesome and awesome) that I would dump his ass cold if he brought one of them no-necked bastards into the house. DUMP HIM.
3.  I can cook like a mother-effer
2.  I am a Mommy, and it is the greatest thing ever. Except for like, when I get an email from the sitter telling me that my wildchild, redneck spawn is going around "shooting" everything. Yeah, then it sucks.
1.  I am completely, 100%, without-a-doubt, batshit crazy. I like to think it's the lovable kind of crazy though...

What inspired you to open your etsy store?
Honestly, without the push of friends (internet and real) I don't think I would have. I kept sitting down and knocking out these great headbands, only to keep them for myself. Everywhere I went people would ask me where I got them, and when I told them I made them I got the, "you should open an Etsy shop" speech every time. Eventually, you get enough confidence to say, "well yeah, sure, WHY SHOULDN'T I?!"


It's a crazy thing to do though. I'm really protective of the things I make, and to throw it out into the wild for the world to shake a finger at is pretty unnerving. So far though, it's been an awesome experience and I learn something new every day.

What helps get your creative brain ticking and your crafty heart a thumpin'?
Reading other people's blogs/checking sites, slowing down and letting my brain toss out ideas, and taking inspiration from nature. Sometimes I just lay all my materials out on my work table and zone out with a beer for like an hour, just absorbing the colors, the textures, etc. That's when I usually walk away with something meaty, something I can be proud of. There are so many kick-ass crafty mofo's out there, and if you want to stay one step ahead you have to sit down and do SOMETHING every day, or you'll go stale.

How do you get your handband-bands so damned SOFT?! Ok, not really a question, I don't want you giving away shop secrets, but still! Come on. they're the only ones I can stand to wear all day long. I'm just sayin.

Like I say on my listings, I started doing this BECAUSE I couldn't wear headbands, like, at all. Within a half hour I would have a splitting headache, and it was near impossible to wear my glasses with them. My friend came into work one day with a headband on that used the same elastic I do now and I was sold! It's not really a trade secret, it's foldover elastic, the same kind used in the lining for your skivvies!

What's been your most popular style to date?
Sweet James and Bears Fields, bitches like buttons and shit.


How do you find creating time while juggling time with the Wiz?
Phew, that is the HARDEST part about it all. I love both, but obviously The Wiz gets top billing. He's an adventurous, talking, running, grabby little dude, so it's near impossible to get stuff done sometimes. Let's just say I don't sleep too much.

Your etsy pet peeve:
I think some people really rip you on shipping!

Your etsy love:
There are so many great people on there willing to help, trade tips and tricks, and we all seem to support each other. I just bought a headband from Uff Da Designs and I'm chomping at the bit to get it!

You once drunk tweeted from a port-o-potty after falling off a bicycle. can you tell us that story? Can you REMEMBER that story?
Booyakasha, that was a bangarang time there, that was.

See, what had happened parents sent my sister and I out on beach cruisers to get FIREWOOD. We were *about* 8 bloody marys deep and hopped up on 5-hour energy. I ain't got depth perception for shit, and what I thought was a truck baring down on me at 2 yards, was really a truck not-at-all baring down on me about 200 yards away. Long story short, I had to lay my hog down and I messed me knee up something awful. I couldn't leave my tweeps in the wind on that one so I took a picture of my knee in a port-o-potty, accompanied with some barely intelligible english. Hey, it had the best lighting. (full story and PICTURES here)

Celebrity crush you just can't resist:
Gaytham for Statham.

watch out statham. biz on the prowl.

Secret habit you do when you're alone:
Meticulously pluck my eyebrows, and I also rearrange at least one room in my apartment every couple of weeks. The staleness keeps me awake at night. I ran out of rooms to do this month, so I pimped out the fishtank. Pete and Mitch are ballers now.

Your current passions:
LP (her BOYFRIEND, holy shit!), working out, spaghetti squash at every meal, trying to be cool and let things happen as they will, something I seriously have to consciously work on or I go cray-cray.

Remember that time I took your picture on the walk-of-fame with Kenny Loggins' star?
DO I?!?! Best. Moment. Of. My. Life.


Remember that time we fought some dudes on the sunset strip?
Fuckers. Dude, I don't know what got into this old girl but I was about to whip out some chalk and draw an octagon on the street. I think I remember slapping my bicep? Maybe? (which is hilarious, because NEITHER one of us is formidable/threatening from a size standpoint)

lady killers
this is what we look like... just before we kill you.
...but only if you're wearing an Ed Hardy shirt.
i have a sunburn.

And that's that. The two of us have been considering making a VIDEO interview/podcast in a few weeks / cooking show / outrageous extravaganza. While drunk. Hilarity might ensue, or Jon will have to go to the hospital. Something like that.

As a special treat for you use the code GRUMBLESFAN at checkout and get 10% off your Velveteen purchase at Biz's store through March 18th. Because that's my birthday, bitches. If you've been on the fence about getting some fancy new headgear GET OFF IT.
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