March 3, 2011

Crazy stuff is going on. I promise I will fill you in on the details asap but until then I have to put aside the crazy and deal with a whole other kind of crazy– the professional meeting kind.

In the mean time I would like to direct your attention to the Movie Closet Challenge sidebar to the right. It's here, dear readers, it's here. The END. We're in the final countdown to finishing the challenge. I hope you'll check it out extra carefully in the next few weeks as we cross off our final movies and help cheer us on. I'm not sure what the future will hold after we're done, but I'm definitely excited to complete our goal more than a year later.

here's the final lineup:
the secret of nimh
scooby doo original mysteries (disk is missing)
scooby doo and the reluctant werewolf
scooby doo on zombie island
scooby doo and the witch's ghost
shrek II
spirited away
sword in the stone
transformers the movie (cartoon)
veggie tales: the pirates that don't do anything
veggie tales: sherlock holmes
robin hood (disney version)
the nightmare before christmas

Unfortunate that we should have to end on a shit movie like Showgirls, but it was placed in its own section away from the other movies for nudippropriateness. And thus will end an age, with Jesse Spano all coked up on pills dancing around without her clothes on. I think it might merit a beer or two. Or five. Or champagne.
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