movie closet challenge VANQUISHED!

March 11, 2011

Well dudes, it's over. We finished the Movie Closet Challenge.

What began as a wild hair up the ass of our family on February 1st 2010 ended on March 9th 2011, thirteen insane months later. Which is... well, it's pretty ridiculous. It's been a year of movies. We canceled our cable and began watching every movie we owned, in alphabetical thematic order. We soldiered on. We laughed hard. The universe sent us secret messages. We almost gave up. And this week we made it across the finish line.

Over the last year we've learned that some old shows we used to love don't hold up anymore. And other old movies we thought we loved? They were better than ever. We've learned the folly of bringing movies home just because they were cheaper to buy than to rent. We learned that while there are some movies we wish we didn't own, even after all this there are still more we'd like to add and ones we've never seen. We learned that some things are better in small doses– and some are better in giant marathons.

On our last night of the challenge we watched Showgirls, drank beer, and laughed. And by 'drank beer' I mean I drank half my Sapporo. I've never really been able to get back into the drinking groove since the whole nursing thing. Oh Showgirls! What a terrible horrible movie. The funny kind complete with acting so painful your only gut reaction can be to yell -HA! at the screen. I got the DVD as a gift (yes, a gift) and I've always had a soft spot for it in my heart. Bad movies give me the chuckles. The very best is when they show it on VH1 because during all the nude/topless dancing scenes they had someone paint fake bikinis over the film. Occasionally as they dance the awkward flat floating bikinis will stray off to one side or move in the opposite direction. Who thought that was a good idea?! I mean it's funny, sure, but not particularly effective. I'd like to high-five the person who thought this movie was special enough to do all that work just to show it on cable tv. Twice.

I don't think our new reality has quite sunk in yet... no more movies. For over a year we haven't had to argue about what to watch– zero fights about what to put on. Now... what will happen? There's no scheduled programming, no tv; all our movies are temporarily conquered. Will we find something else to do? Start again? (NO.) In the mean time we've resubscribed to Netflix instant but the available selection of movies and shows is laughably poor. I often want to punch it, like when I went to watch the Descent and they only had the Descent 2. Or the next 50 times that happened, like EVERY OTHER MOVIE THAT THEY ONLY HAVE THE SEQUEL TO WHAT THE HELL ARG.

What I do know is that we made it. Finally. Over 400 movies watched. We made it and you no longer have to read about it. And I think that deserves a dual celebration. Cheers.

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