pretty pretty princess

March 1, 2011


Bang hurt her paw. Sometime between sleeping and also doing a lot of sleeping she managed to do... something to her front right pinky toe and she's been limping around for a few days now refusing to put any weight on it. I'm not sure how the hell you injure yourself laying in a fluffy little bed but that's life with dogs who don't make any sense. I guess I should have fairly low expectations as she once had to be medicated for bruising her eyeball on a {stationary} fence.

We think it's nothing a little rest can't fix but there IS no rest for B. Suddenly it seems like in between sleeping all freaking day and cuddling on the couch she is constantly LEAPING THROUGH THE AIR and SPRINTING AROUND THE HOUSE. She does not understand moderation; there is only RUN and sleep, OFF and ON. And so, the last few days she has been mostly quarantined to her cage for rest and foot rehabilitation.

Feel better, stupid stupid pretty little B.

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