April 29, 2011

Let's just shoot the shit today, ok? I'm having trouble concentrating on thoughts complete enough to be their own solitary diatribe. Things just aren't cohesive inside my brain parts right now, and that's ok by me, but it's not fabulous for writing you epic tomes of brilliant topical awesomeness, you know?

– – – – –

Oh, the Jude. Kid's been sick for a few days. Just a cold or a virus, one of those passing little-kid things, but it has turned captain sunshine into a real grouch. He acts fairly normal all day long until we get home and then the floodgate opens– when he gets into his safe space with us all the tired and sick and sad burst out at once in the form of inconsolable screaming. Poor dude. The only cure is more cowbell. Except not, because he will yell at you NO! NO! NOOOOOOO! GO 'WAY! flail flail flail flop. Isn't it lovely how they regress when they're sick? Mmmm! So, we're trying to get him rested up and back on track, fever and cough be damned.

We've been putting him to bed early because sick behbeh's need their rest (and he's been sleeping like crap, cough cough cough!). Last night almost a full hour before bedtime we asked him if he wanted to go to sleep and he turned right around, climbed up the stairs, walked to his room, and waited to be picked up into his crib. Well ok then. How very grown up of you.

In between all the screaming and coughing he is delightful as ever and is saying all kinds of new things. "I want yogurt." "I'm stuck! Help me!" "I gots kitty!" "Where da Dad?" So I suppose letting him watch Blues Clues once every evening isn't making him any stupider. You should see the smile he gets when they sing the mail time song, it makes 'Boo-Coo tolerable. He intermittently yells out "A 'coo! A 'coo!" That shit slays me dead. A coo!

– – – – –

People in the breastfeeding/parenting world are all up-in-arms again. Shocking, right? Sigh. This time it's about Medela and the WHO code. Medela has recently had some pump recalls as well as some pretty stiff accusations of WHO code violations in their advertising. Here's my two cents: I believe in the importance of the WHO code, I do. (more about the WHO code, if you don't know what that is) However before this kerfluffle I used a Medela pump for 14 months to provide a diet of 100% breastmilk to the Jude any time I was not with him. My pump worked great, no complaints, and allowed me to continue our breastfeeding relationship as long as I chose to.

While I have a problem with their company violating the advertising guidelines (you can't say or imply that pumping/bottles are better than breastfeeding) I'm also not going to jump on the good ship hate-a-lot with a pitchfork. It's all the rage right now to slam Medela as trash and boycott anything they make. I'm not saying that people shouldn't boycott, feel free to use your power as a consumer to voice your displeasure, but wow guys there's some fearsome anger out there right now about this. For what it's worth I'm grateful for what my pump allowed me to do. I'd like them to clean up their act. Enough said.

– – – – –

Athena Bee's wins comment of the week with, "Oh my gosh. I feel like it's the end of an era. No more posts about grumbly boobies. I feel weird inside. Hold me."

You didn't think I'd let you off that easily, did you? That Tuesday's post would really be the end? I mean, I was hoping it would be but with sickness eminent I have to admit that we've nursed a few times. Not the best timing to try this whole deal out. If that's the only thing that will make screaming toddler stop screaming, well... fuck it. Fine. And I'll try to keep him hydrated that way, since I can barely get him to drink any water.

But... ugh. I wish those few times hadn't have to have happened. I want to be done. And dude doesn't even take it seriously, he asks asks asks and then doesn't... do anything. I think he just wants to know he can still ask. Whatever. It'll take time I guess. One hour at a time.
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