just some interim nonsense

April 5, 2011

hello people, my dear dear people.

what's up?

i have a cold, a terrible terrible stuffy-nose runny-nose pounding-head cold and yet i go to work, trying to get things done. why? why must i go to work? because there is so much to do, so much that never ends. i'll never climb the mountain of work that i have, i can't, i won't. –and since i'm still breastfeeding i can't take any medicine except for tylenol cold and sinus, of which there is a manufacturer's shortage. delightful!

i'm just.... gunna... close my.... eyes... here for a minute and....


shit. oh right, people, the people. hi.

hi people.

i have a few things to muse on swimming around in my head but all i can hear right now is the roar of my blood pounding through my skull while i rub my face with a scratchy roll of toilet paper. i believe the things in my head (besides snot) deserve a fairer shake at being put on the page than i can give them right now, so i'm not going to try and end up doing them an injustice.

injustice. bee-bo-bee-bee-beep!

do you ever look a little kids with runny noses and wonder how the HELL they just let it creep down their face like that? it's so... horrible. and tickly. the running... dripping... creeping... tickling... AHHHHHHHH


there's that.

loving you from a distance,
so you don't catch the cold i caught from jude,

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