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April 25, 2011

easter basket

The Jude only got one food treat in his basket this year and no candy.
I know, we're so mean right? However that one solitary treat he did get was
a spectacularly delicious special mama cookie so don't go feeling too
sorry for him just yet. (Yes, I share. Ha. Ha. Very funny.)

found his special treat. Helpoo? Helpoo?

He brought it to Jon and said, "Helpoo? Helpoo? Bits. 'Ankyoo."
Which translated from toddler-speak means, "Help me? Help me? Bites. Thank you."
And then, this happened:

You can hear my horrified reaction as bits of cakester are dropped on the floor for the dog. Kid, you're doing it wrong, you can't waste cakester like that! He has so much to learn before he can go pro.

At the end he starts mumbling something to Jon which you can't hear on the video and we both stare at him trying to figure out what he wants. He's saying, "Haynap," which we are somehow supposed to know means, "Wipe my face." So uh... that's a new one.

(Full confession: Cakesters come in two packs. He only ate one. You can bet your hot sweet ass I ate that other one after he went to bed. It was going to um... go stale, right? And it was all smashed up! Too messy. I was just doing him a favor. Like a good addict parent would.)
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