forever and ever amen

May 23, 2011

...and now, I shotgun a beer.

• We had friends over for a big cookout at our house this weekend.

• I had more than one or two drinks for the first time in 31 (thirty-one!) months (re: recent weaning of the Jude.)

• Good things never change, ie I am batshit insane when fully intoxicated.

• I love that my friends mostly embrace this as one of my lovable foibles instead of, you know, thinking I'm an idiot. Drunk grumbles is a very special person. Thanks guys.

saturday night feeling alright

• That bush was asking for it. Full body tackle.

• I am an idiot. An idiot drunk tweeting. AT some of you.

• Many apologies, but my tweets from that night are ridiculously hilarious.

Picture 2

• ...I am an idiot.

• I would be more embarrassed about this but it seems like 31 months was long enough to justify one crazy incident without too much shame. Tooooooo much.

• Maybe just a little shame. A little.

• ...And some awesome:

Picture 6

• Your guess is as good as mine as to what the hell those mean.

party aftermath means laying down and watching deadwood

• Let's not have a repeat of that for another 31 months, oookay? I'm old. I need rest.
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