May 31, 2011

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When something happens that is really fun- HIGH FIVE! and you want to share it with someone- HIGH FIVE!! You hold your hand up with your arm in the sky and you clap your hands together.

I've noticed something over the years: my google reader is an ever-changing ever-flowing living creature. It grows with my interests; it shrinks as I streamline. Sometimes blogs that I once loved no longer hit the spot. As I've grown and changed so have my favorite reads. It's not good or bad (or personal) it's just life. Ebb and flow. Blogs are like friends: sometimes you outgrow each other, sometimes you find a brand new bestie (and sometimes that one girl you knew turns out to be a real bitch, WHAT?! no i did not say that out loud).

But, to get on to the good stuff, I want to share five blogs writers that I love to read right here and now. Inspiration anyone? This list is not about favorites, it's not about friends. This is purely about creative inspiration. This is what I read when I want to write– and when I want to write better, braver, funnier.

tina rowleyTina from the gallivanting monkey
We've been twitter acquaintances for ages. (And by acquaintances I mean I knew she existed and thought she was funny. Isn't that really the heart of how twitter works?)

One day it was somehow pointed out to me that she has a blog, the gallivanting monkey, and I clicked over and BOOM. Three hours gone. Once I started reading I couldn't stop. I conquered her archives like white on rice. Which is probably some kind of slur. Regardless, she has a magical way with words. Her writing makes me laugh and is sometimes achingly tender. Of all that I read, this is writing with pure soul power, and I need a lover with soul power.

jerkChattie Fattie from My Kid is a Jerk
You know, I don't really know this person. I don't know her except from reading her blog. I feel like the littlest tiniest anonymous fan out here. I've got my I <3 CHATTIE FATTIE #1! shirt on and I'm waiting outside the stadium just like the rest of you poor saps.

I have no idea how I found her and again I completed the TOTAL ARCHIVE DOMINATION of the My Kid is a Jerk history. She's hilarious. Her kid? Dually hilarious. Her stories about her hilarious kid? I pee my pants wet. I admire her unconventional parenting. I pretty much want to be her. Maybe wear her skin as a dress. Something like that.

finslippyAlice from Finslippy
Oh no she didn't! I know, I know. It's so lame to have the fins on here because she's teh big deal in momoblogoland. Lame lame lame. But if I'm going to be honest about my inspiration I can't pass her by. This is my secret: When I'm having a bad writing day and I need a kick-start I go into the Finslippy archives and read a few posts.

There's a reason she's remained one of the original inspirational parenting bloggers– she's a good writer. Stories to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you dream. She's also the reason I started this blog. So thanks, Alice! Now I do this weird shit because of you!

jessJessica from This is Worthwhile
I met Jessica through the Natural Parenting whatever, back when I did that stuff, and she stuck around in my heart. Because she's a dear and I love her. More importantly her blog is fantastic.

When we first met she was a stay-at-home mom blogging about parenting. In the last year her world has been spun on it's head: divorce, moving, shared custody, re-entering the workplace. And she's written through her transformation. The honesty of her raw emotions is sometimes more than I can bear– but it's an incredible thing to behold.

rob delaneys chestRob Delaney from RobDelaney.com and twitter
Uh ok, so this is kind of weird. Weird because Rob Delaney is well... Rob Delaney. He is a hairy man in a banana hammock. And a blogger? That part may be questionable. He's hilarious on twitter and surely the king of the twitter non sequitur.

I would laugh at his jokes without a second thought– until I read an article he wrote about making babies. Go on now, read it. This is most important. This. This is the kind of genius I will never have, it makes me wail in the pit of despair because comedy isn't really my jam. You can't learn that kind of crazy, you just have to BE it. And I can't be that drunk every day. Dream big.

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