let's talk mother's day

May 6, 2011

An interesting conversation hopped up on twitter yesterday and I'd like to continue the discussion with you guys– Mother's Day. There are a few concepts about the whole thing that I'm interested in because I think once you get past the surface (yay mom!) it can be a bit... well, tricky. Delicate. Political.

First of all let's start with the basics, does your mother like to celebrate the day? Does she demand a party and crown in her honor or is she not really that into it? There seems to be a wide range of celebration styles from those who wave off calls and cards to those who want to be waited on hand and foot.

Then we take it up a notch– if you're a mother, how do you like to celebrate the day? Time by yourself? Breakfast in bed? Do you have high expectations for your husband/kids to shower you with love? Would you be heartbroken if they didn't do much?

And finally, the hard questions. How do you manage the expectations of celebrating your own day (I'm a mom, I want to spend the day drinking coffee in my p-jams!) vs. your mom's day (love you mom, spend the day at a cookout!). Is there a passing of the torch from one mom-generation to the next? Are moms who are in the trenches currently, so to speak, really the focus of Mother's Day or is it more a celebration of all the women in our lives? Is there ever an age at which you stop celebrating Mother's Day, or at least stop making it a big deal? Of course many of these nuances are deeply influenced by your particular family dynamics, but that's also what makes all our answers so interesting– and varied.

(My whole 3 male readers I'd like to hear from you too is there high pressure to meet gift/plan expectations for the women in your lives? How do you feel about it? Annoying obligation? Hallmark holiday? Day of recognition? Can women who wave it off as not-a-big-deal be really be trusted?)

My answers in the comments, chip in with yours.

(And go read something lovely, in honor of all the good women around us.)
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