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May 17, 2011

cowl square

Ages ago I finally finished that one tricky-ass cowl in that one super coveted softy-softest yarn. Okay, well maybe not ages ago. A month ago, give or take, and I was too hideously malformed to take pictures for you. It feels like ages.

cowl love

It's perfection, I'm sorry to say. No other way to put it. Perfect.

cowl duet

It's so damned soft I just want to hold it and touch it and wear it and...

nose stuffer

...maybe put it inside my nose while I get the crazy eyes. You know, the usual.

cowl and hog

{A warm grumbles family welcome to HOG, the jude's new best friend. Kiss kiss hog.}

I've cranked out (and given away) a few simple hats since then. It seems a little silly, knitting as it gets closer and closer to the burning heat of summer. But put your eyes to the sky and just imagine– if I push through it what an amazing stockpile of warmies I can have built up! Gifts for all! Warm necks and warm hand and warm heads for all my loves! I feel that if I give up now all that I've learned thus far will be lost to the tomes of the past!

And so I must press on. Knit, summer, knit. I'll try my damnedest.

with jude

with jude

Remember this cowl's lovely green older sister? Well news for you, you can win her! It! That! Cowl! My dear friend Keli is celebrating her oldest daughter's fourth birthday with a Four for Four (and one to grow on) giveaway event– and I've offered up the green one, my first born, for sacrifice. If you'd like to own her for your very own neck go over here and enter. It's only open through tomorrow so you better get scootin'.

(Keli is a paramount photographer, though she won't admit it. I live in envy of her skills, which she showcases on her blog with her two adorable girls. All the rest of us poor saps can do is practice practice practice right? Tripod and remote, eh?)

oh lord, I die, I die. thecute

the cute don't stop yall. #deadfromcute

Plus, if I keep knitting all summer I'll have loads of things to give away to you. So really it's in your best interest to cheer me on. I'm doing you a favor by learning to knit, you see. This was all part of my master scheme to... give... stuff... away. Ok, well. No. Crap.

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