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May 24, 2011

I racked my brain to dig up drama to talk about with you this fine morning and all I came up with was COFFEE. It's not for any lack of drama on the internet, or drama-filled topics of which we could discuss, I just find myself caring less and less about that kind of thing. Debate-shmebate.

Arguing is really beyond me these days, it takes too much effort. Maybe that's a sign of the times. I've forged my way through the infant year(s-ish) and come out a heck of a lot more apathetic. New-mom phase was always debate this! Debate that! I'm right, you're WRONG! Now... I know better than to think that I know anything. Every day is a new day in what the hell is going to happen next. Is that what moms of experience have actually come to realize? There is no "right" and let's just leave each other alone about it? The wisdom of age hits all of us at some point. Except for the small number of people who are destined to be insensitive assholes forever. They'll never change.

Things... Things are, well, whatever they are. Good. Uneventful, barring poop tsunamis and silly nonsense talk. The Jude is delightful and chatty. He spews forth new words on a regular basis (the guy! muno! bread! 'cycle! drink! puzzle! diaper!) when he is not busy you know, freaking the fuck out over nothing, like toddlers do. That's always some age-appropriate fun right there. Generally, though, toddlerhood is fun. I can say that now because he's not screaming in my face. FUN! As soon as he goes to bed I miss him, but I couldn't WAIT for him to go to bed in the first place. Hmmpf.

He seems all at once quite grown up and little-boyish. A kid, not a baby. I suppose it was bound to happen at some point but hot damn it felt fast.

Here's a tricky one for you: He takes off his diaper at nap. All the time. Apparently he likes to freeball it while he Zzzzz's. I'm not particularly opposed to that, as he probably gets that instinct from me (naked sleeper!!), but I also have the magical power to go to the bathroom in the toilet. Until he gains that power the buffy mcnuderson sleeping must be temporarily postponed. For the love of the sheets and drapes! If he's in a one-piece footed sleeper the pants stay on but now that the rolling heat of summer is upon us that isn't exactly going to work. Kid will sweat to death! We've tried onsies, but he just sticks his hand up the leg opening and undoes the sides of the diaper from there. Same with shorts/pants. Drawstring pants have a slightly better chance of success.

90% of the time I'll just come upon him in the morning, snuggling in the buff with his toys and no harm is done. In fact, as a promising sign of potty-awareness, he often removes the diaper after it's wet, like hey man, this is gross. Get it off. However it's that other 10% of the time that we need to avoid. Sunday morning we awoke to, "Oh noooooo. Oh noooooo. Diaper. Diaper. YUCKY. Oh my god. Yucky." It was just as lovely as you can imagine from his commentary, though I find it hilarious that he now declares things to be, "Oh my god, so yucky!" I'm tickled, truly. Oh MY god!

Parents, if you happen to have any tips or tricks for diaper-keeping-onage at this age please share. (I mean besides duct tape. We've already thought of that one. We'll see what happens as desperation sets in later in the summer.)

I bet you're sorry about the abundant amount of poop-related discussion around here in the last week. Not nearly as sorry as I am.

(bloggers note: I should have specified– we use a combo of cloth and disposables, we switch back and forth. He does it with both kinds.)
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