June 9, 2011


dear friends,

well aren't you clever, you selfish bastards! it seems quite a few of you know a scallion/allium flower when you see one. i, on the other hand, had no idea what lovely flowers onions produced poofed up there at the top of those towering stems i never harvest! amazing wonders of nature! just like i have no idea which way is left and which is right or how to read a clock. beware the ides of the "gifted" education, friends, for they think you're smart enough not to bother teaching you silly things like left, right, clocks and geography. the adept intricacies of the industrial revolution? i've got that one down. telling the time? not so much. shhhhh, our little secret.

{i had a random request for large size files of the flower photos that could be used as a desktop background. if you're interested you can download them to your computer. 1280 x 1024 here and here. 1280 x 800 here and here. (if you don't know what size you need i suggest the latter two) that's just the size they're going to be. unless you rise up in a mass revolt demanding 1600 x 1200 or teeny tiny iphone versions but that's on you, i may or may not respond to revolting measures. consider your revolution carefully because frankly that seems like a waste of time. we should revolt about the lack of free cakesters for all instead. screw the flowers, FREE THE CAKESTERS.}

now here's just a little unrelated question for you: mobile blogs. ok, that's not a question. when you're browsing on your phone do you like to see a mobile version of the blog, so you don't have to wait for the regular version to load in perfect useless miniature on your screen? i'd assume so, since it seems like such a nice idea. but here's the trick– to enable the cleaner "mobile" blog it disables intense debate, my comment system. after trial and error and tears and hair ripping i believe that's what caused the crazy error in yesterday's comments where half of them disappeared for no reason and it reverted to the ancient comment system.

when it comes down to the mega rumble of "mobile blog" format vs intense debate in a head-to-head match up to the death... intense debate wins. die mobile blog die! BRUTAL KILL! so things may not be as easy on your phone and i grieve in my heart for all the phone comments lost like little unicorns released into the wild never to be seen again, but facts is facts.

alright, that still wasn't a question because you don't really have a choice. so. i'm glad we took the time to clear that up very pointlessly.

loving you, achingly, desperately,
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