a guessing game

June 8, 2011


Take a look at this precious flower growing in my garden.
What a delicate little porcelain beauty! I'm in love.

flower top


flower bottom

flower duet

Here's the fun part– a challenge:
Can you tell me what plant bloomed this little gem?

The answer may surprise you, it surprised me!
(I sure hope it surprises you, otherwise this is a lot of build up for nothing.)
Take a guess, any old guess will do.

(answer here)

(for this week's you capture, cause I've never taken such a bangarang photos of a flower. Hot damn!)



hmmm chive?



the grumbles

if you stop by and wonder where your earlier comment went... I DON'T KNOW! INTENSE DEBATE WENT CRAZY! I WANT TO CRY! ACK!

the grumbles

(if you did comment i saw your response, it went to my email. so you weren't talking to a wall.)

Sarah Scriberson

Some kind of allium. Gorgeous pictures.


Onion! Or allium at least.

Jen Higgins

I don't know, but it's so pretty!


No clue since I am incapable of growing any sort of plant life, but it is so pretty!


Wow! I just want to know how you managed to get such a close-up and to have such a clear background!


I'm going with onion too. My mother grows gorgeous onions with purple flowers like that.


that is so neat, and clean! I have no idea what it could be (I have no green thumb).

the grumbles

Stacia, I used a macro lens. The blue-ish background is actually the weird color of the side of our house. :)


Don't know what it is, but you captured it beautifully! Such fine detail.

Light Trigger

fantastic photos!!! great light and color!

via You Capture
Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY

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