ice cream date

June 1, 2011

We took Jude out for ice cream on Memorial Day. Yes, that was the extent of our very exciting plans: MAYBE WE EAT ICE CREAM AT A PLACE! MAYBE! But after we spent all day trying to convince him to get his butt into the little splash pool in the driveway (no dice, the pool was termed "it HOT" meaning "too COLD") ice cream seemed just about right to end the day. First ice cream outing! Yay fam! GOOOOOOO SUMMER!

(On a related note, I no longer hate summer. Last night we went and got an air conditioner for the living room. We actually have central air but through a very long complicated lead-related story no one cares about it is unusable. Two years we have been without air conditioning, like brave primitive hippy soldiers, but when it's been over 90° for more than a few days in a row my brain starts to boil and I attack at the slightest sign of movement. It's best to avoid that if at all possible. We plugged that sucker in last night and my whole future outlook changed. yeeeaAHHHH! Cool air is like heroin for lazy people.)

First ice cream date. Here we go:




oh my!


I ordered the Jude chocolate ice cream. And then Jon gave me flack for getting him chocolate because, "Chocolate is BOOOORING." Well EXCUSE ME. How I am I supposed to know what kind of ice cream that thing wants? He's never HAD his own ice cream let alone can he tell me what flavor he'd prefer. SHUT UP I LIKE CHOCOLATE.

Chocolate was good ok, but Zen Baby was not overly impressed. Turns out the Jude liked my mint chocolate chip cone a lot better than his plain ol chocolate. Of course he did.

I gave my cone up and ate the chocolate soup, because I am the best mom ever.

really? can i




It was much more satisfactory.
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