jude hearts cycle-mos

June 3, 2011

At some point a few weeks ago Jude was yelling CYCLE-MO! all the time at random and we had no idea what he was trying to say. Bicycle? Cycle? Why are you saying that all the time? What the hell does it mean?! Our days were an endless repetition of cycle-mo! gabba! cycle-mo! gabba! gabba! toodee!

Eventually we figured out that he mostly said it while we were in the car... and in the garage... DOH! You mean motorcycle. Now I get it! Motorcycle! Apparently Jude is a tiny motorcycle enthusiast. Now our days are filled with random exclamations of "Cycle-mo!" whenever he sees one. Or thinks of one. Or for no reason at all.

Prepare your speakers, IT'S CYCLE-MO TIME!

Favorites: "Is that the motorcycle?" "cyclemo-yeah" (forgot about it while looking at the pool)– "CYCLE-MO!!!!!" (out of nowhere)– "SHOVEL!"
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