June 17, 2011

...And just like that after I post an update BOOM! the lead lady calls.

Guess whose kid doesn't have motherfucking lead poisoning anymore?!??!?!


MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I might be just a little bit excited about this new development. So sue me.)

Suck on THAT, lead poisoning, WE OWN YOU.

The number is below the state's official threshold of lead poisoning and significantly down from last time. We don't even have to go back for a follow up visit until the end of the summer and then we're cleared from the health departments people-of-interest. We still have some stuff we are required to "fix" in the house even though they said it's not the house but whatever, I'll do jumping jacks in a hula hoop in my underpants on the freeway if it makes them leave us alone.

Can I get a HELL YEAH?!

I am floating right now. Best Friday ofalltime.
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