a favor

June 13, 2011

i gave in and finally added one of those stupid google friend connect widgets update: oh my god guys, i'm so sorry. i just hate that damned thing so bad, i couldn't look at it. i took it down. forgive me times a million. if you're already using it it will continue to work, it just won't be over there looking all ugly and whatnot.

i've also updated the sidebar with revised/fancied "popular" "stories" and "parenting" best of links. just so we can all acknowledge that hey, there's those things over there! look at you, things!

(and, a reminder that i have a grumbles and grunts facebook page, which i never promote and use sparingly but would like to see your face there. for the chatting. and the friendshipliness. and random you tube videos. who knows what we might find!)
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