friendship pact

July 15, 2011

Last night Biscuit and I made a best-friend hair pact. We both wrapped our hair up in silly headbands to test out the no-heat curl technique that Chelsey at papermama has everyone freaking out over and promised (cross our hearts) to send each other pictures in the morning of the results.

Well Biz posted her results and I figured it's only fair if I post mine too for comparison. Because BAM! my hair is all about curls. I'm all, hey hair, let's try this fun curling thing. And it's all, WHAT YOU LIKE CURLS LET'S DO THIS SHIT GO WHAPPOW! My hair is like that. It gets over excited. I think someone gives it steroids when I'm sleeping. I'm looking at you Jon, cut that shit out.

(And since we're talking about my hair, HA, can I mention I'm getting a hair cut right before blogher? This would not at all be exciting news except I haven't had a hair cut in two YEARS two months. So. SO. My rusty mop needs it. I am bleeding excitement over here. I'm pretty sure my hair girl has assumed I met a tragic end. I haven't left you hair girl! Promise!)

Anyway, on to the romance-novel style toe curling.

You wrap up like this...


Go about your business. Sleep!

And when you awaken...


So. That's that.

I think my ringlets ringlets have ringlets. Since my hair is so damn enthusiastic I'd really like to tone it down a notch. But it does work. And it is EASY. And it looks FANCY. BOOM SISTERS > TOASTED!

(for comparison purposes this is what my hair looks like naturally, and flat ironed)
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